Ben Masirewa: Fijian guitar virtuoso shares his musical journey

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By Prerna Priyanka Ben Masirewa, who has been dubbed a “one-man musical genius,” is returning to the Fiji Fringe Festival after his blazing performance last year. Masirewa credits his father for instilling a rebellious spirit within him, fostering a love for rock ‘n’ roll and encouraging him to dare to be different.  “He dared me […]

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Fiji Fringe and Mamma Mia

Say bula to broadway with Mamma Mia and the Fiji Fringe Festival!

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By Elizabeth Kolivuso Fiji’s ‘Vude Queen’ will become the dancing queen as the star of iconic hit musical, Mamma Mia, when it is staged in Fiji next year. Laisa Vulakoro will star in Mamma Mia in February, which is being presented alongside the second Fiji Fringe Festival as part of Arts Season 2024.  The Fiji […]

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Sharleen Ali

Fringe Benefits

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Part Two: Reflections of the Fiji Fringe with Sharleen Ali By Ben Wheeler Sharleen Ali is dynamic. She bristles with a creative energy that seems to produce so many thoughts a minute that if there was a way to convert them to electricity, her ideas could power a small village. It is this potency that […]

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Pasifika Prima Voce

Fiji Fringe Festival: Pasifika Prima Voce

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “I think the Fiji Fringe Festival is a great initiative for artists to bring their ‘A’ game and showcase their talent because we are trying to encourage children that they can have a career in art and can also be their mainstream of income that they can aspire to.” – Soko Loga […]

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2TINGS & DJ Christonite

Fiji Fringe Festival: 2TINGS

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “I would say every moment behind the equipment is tailor-made because we are creating and mixing live. What happens here may not happen on another night.” – Albert Eastgate The Fiji Fringe Festival will feature not one, but two DJs, who will collaborate to create a mix of music and an original […]

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Natalie Raikadroka

Fiji Fringe Festival: Natalie Raikadroka

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “My act is focused more on those who enjoy listening to good, soulful, and groovy music.” – Natalie Raikadroka Natalie Raikadroka’s songs are sung by people of all ages across Fiji, and she is a favourite entertainer when it comes to national athletic events like Coca-Cola games. The songstress has been in […]

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Ben Masirewa

Fiji Fringe Festival: Ben Masirewa

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “Come with an open heart and mind, and you will leave a little lighter,” Peni (Ben) Masirewa says of his upcoming gig at the Fiji Fringe Festival. The talented guitarist intends to use a variety of guitar styles to transport his audience on a journey of tranquillity and surprises during his upcoming […]

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Moana Loa

Fiji Fringe Festival: Moana Loa

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Get ready to experience the magic of watching dancers in flight, as Moana Loa brings aerial acrobatics to the Fiji Fringe Festival. Moana Loa was established in October 2015 and is home to some of the best emerging gymnasts and aerialists in the country. Co-founder Ateca Ravuvu says the dance company will be performing an […]

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VOU - SA MARIO dance performance

Fiji Fringe Festival: VOU

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “The nature of the fringe festival allows artists to be unbound by the expectation of a funding second party, affording them the liberty to create and present work that is a more honest reflection of their practice.” – Navi Fong VOU, known for their fiery performances, is bringing the heat from the […]

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MASTI Arts and Dance Group

Fiji Fringe Festival: Masti Arts & Dance Group

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We’re all about fun and excitement and that is the spirit we bring to all of our dance performances, says Amit Chand, Director of Masti Arts and Dance Group. Masti (which means ‘fun’ in Hindi) is a dedicated group of creative young dancers who have performed 4000 shows across Fiji, as well as international gigs, […]

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Fiji Fringe Festival: Etta Gonerogo

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti Popular Fiji vocalist, Etta Gonerogo has planned an epic three-hour show for the Fiji Fringe Festival, complete with a band and backing vocalists. The performance will include her original songs, cover songs, Hindi songs, recent hits, and old favourites. Etta will also feature ‘The West Fiji’ or Suliasi Uluilakeba, whose famous song […]

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Fiji Fringe Festival - VT1S

Fiji Fringe Festival: VT1S

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “If you think you will come in expecting to be seated, we guarantee you will be burning the dance floor. That’s the promise of VT1S band manager, Tikiko Korocowiri, ahead of the band’s Fiji Fringe Festival show on March 4. VT1S (pronounced Viti Ones), a platform set up by music lable VTBOP […]

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Fiji Fringe Festival logo

Fiji Fringe Festival: Artists guide

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The Fiji Fringe Festival this week released its artists guide, with details of the performers who will be appearing at the event, which runs in Suva from 25th February till the 4th of March. Fiji Traveller is proud to be a sponsor of the festival. Look out for our profiles of the performers and activities […]

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Jordan Rooks

Fiji Fringe Festival: Jordan Rooks

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “Magic is an art form that can touch every sense; it can be created without language barriers, and I hope that when people see a magic show, they get to really know me and where I come from and become part of the magic of life.” Fiji can expect to see an […]

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Fiji Fringe Festival

Fiji Fringe Festival: MATA Dance Company

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By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti “We are excited to be witnessing so many different art forms that make up Fiji’s creative industry. We are also looking forward to watching and supporting our fellow artists in the festival and celebrating their unique contributions to our arts industry.” Expect an electric performance at the Fiji Fringe Festival from Fiji’s […]

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