Fiji Fringe Festival: VOU

VOU - SA MARIO dance performance

By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti

“The nature of the fringe festival allows artists to be unbound by the expectation of a funding second party, affording them the liberty to create and present work that is a more honest reflection of their practice.” – Navi Fong

VOU, known for their fiery performances, is bringing the heat from the burning west to Suva for the Fiji Fringe Festival,  with a blend of multiple performance styles to challenge their own craft.

VOU artistic director Navi Fong explains: “We expect that the festival will be an excellent opportunity for audiences to witness the work by Fijian artists that we may not have been able to see from them ever before.”

Fong is excited about the opportunity that the Fringe Festival could provide to connect local artists to a wider Fringe community—there are some 300 such festivals held worldwide.

“There are invaluable lessons in the opportunity to work on an international level that will ultimately benefit the development of the creative and cultural industries here in Fiji,” he says.

“We are hoping to see artists use this special opportunity to challenge and develop their practice; we are hoping to see the community come out in numbers to witness what this looks like, and we hope that people are able to speak honestly thereafter about the quality of the work we are producing as a community of artists and recognise how valuable it is,” he said.

VOU will perform a new piece, called ‘Sa Mario’ at the Fiji Fringe Festival. Tickets are $10 and are available for purchase now.

VOU performs ‘Sa Mario’ at the FMF Gymnasium
Monday, February 27th, 8pm–8.30pm; and Tuesday, February 28th, 7pm–7.30pm
To book tickets call 6700693 or email ed***@vo*****.com

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