Fiji Fringe Festival: Masti Arts & Dance Group

MASTI Arts and Dance Group

We’re all about fun and excitement and that is the spirit we bring to all of our dance performances, says Amit Chand, Director of Masti Arts and Dance Group.

Masti (which means ‘fun’ in Hindi) is a dedicated group of creative young dancers who have performed 4000 shows across Fiji, as well as international gigs, over the past 14 years.

The desi group has planned a 45-minute Bollywood musical for the Fiji Fringe Festival “where we will take you on a journey on how two people meet and fall in love,” said Chand.

MASTI Dance Group

He is also really excited to see other performances. “I think this is the first time [in Fiji] that most dance companies are coming together on such a big platform and it’s giving us that opportunity to showcase our craft, talents and ability. I think the idea for such a Festival is amazing. It was something that was needed in Fiji,” he said.

In an effort to up-skill their dancers, Chand reveals, Masti is travelling to India this year. “About five of our dancers will be travelling to Mumbai. They will be learning as well as participating in actual Bollywood movie set productions,” he said.

“I think now is the greatest time to follow your passion. I want to tell everybody out there that even if you have a day job, do not stop yourself from having an extracurricular activity because you never know that your passion could turn into a profession one day.”

Masti will perform at the FMF Gymnasium

Wednesday, March 1st at 6pm

For tickets, visit their Facebook page or call (679) 907-3311

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