Fiji Fringe Festival: Etta Gonerogo


By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti

Popular Fiji vocalist, Etta Gonerogo has planned an epic three-hour show for the Fiji Fringe Festival, complete with a band and backing vocalists.

The performance will include her original songs, cover songs, Hindi songs, recent hits, and old favourites. Etta will also feature ‘The West Fiji’ or Suliasi Uluilakeba, whose famous song “Kere Vude” swept social media, guaranteeing a full dance floor when they take to the stage on February 25th.

Etta is a 25 year veteran of the local music industry, and has sung in hotels and nightclubs across the country. She formed the ‘Sauca Seda’ group, wrote the Coca-Cola theme song, and has many hits as a soloist.

Photos: Rob Rickman. H&M by Wedding Hair/Makeup Perfectionist Fiji. Costume & Styling by Ash Phaneuf.

Etta says the festival presents a unique prospect. “I was very excited and humble, knowing that this will be a great opportunity to showcase my music, as well as the exciting feeling of hosting a concert because I’ve always wanted to host a concert, and Miss Sharleen [Ali] has made it possible.”

“It is a great platform to showcase the homegrown music abroad, and for most of us artists, it is hard to crossover to the outside world, and I believe this would be a great opportunity,” she continued.

And Etta is looking forward to experiencing the work of other artists. “I’m looking forward to going through the work of all visual artists, hearing different kinds of music, and, of course, connecting with the public and mostly enjoying art.”

Etta will be performing at the FMF Gymnasium

Saturday, February 25th from 7pm-10pm

VIP tickets are $50 (wine and kava included)

General admission tickets are $15

For tickets, contact (679) 866-8535

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