Fiji Fringe Festival: 2TINGS

2TINGS & DJ Christonite

By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti

I would say every moment behind the equipment is tailor-made because we are creating and mixing live. What happens here may not happen on another night.” – Albert Eastgate

The Fiji Fringe Festival will feature not one, but two DJs, who will collaborate to create a mix of music and an original DJ style.

Albert Eastgate is teaming up with DJ Christonite under the moniker ‘2TINGS’ for a focus on house music and its elements, as well as a B2B genre-bending set.

Of their involvement in the Fiji Fringe Festival, Eastgate says they have always supported local talent, “and any event where we can showcase our talent, support, and engage with other local artists is a plus.”

A good DJ has an innate quality that can make a memorable night he says, knowing the crowd intimately enough to switch tracks at the right time.

Eastgate confides that years of experience have honed a skill set he calls “crowd reading,” where multiple factors must align in order for a DJ to move his crowd, and keep them engaged, energised, and in the party mood.

“Music energy is tied in with atmosphere, sound frequencies, elements, mixing style, and song selection.. It’s a true artist-to-crowd experience,” he says.

Eastgate’s motto is to create local, with the idea of selling internationally. Fiji Fringe was a logical move in that direction, as are his plans for 2023. “More international engagement with our brand, hopefully a larger international scale, local targeted festival, and I’m looking forward to working with more Fiji talent,” he says.


“I treat music like energy and songs like tattoos. Taki, you need to get the prime up and spinning before you take shots, shots, shots.”

Christopher Mallam, better known as DJ Christonite in the entertainment industry, believes that Fiji Fringe will become the ‘Tomorrowland’ of new and upcoming artists in Fiji. 

“[Festival founder] Sharleen [Ali] is amazing, one of the bravest and most passionate people I know in the world; she’s always breaking boundaries and creating dope stuff that’s needed in a world saturated with copycats and mediocre artists,” Mallam said.

Mallam, has been DJing since 2012, and “eats, breathes, sleeps, exists, and plays music.” 

His event will see a blending of multiple music genres .

The entertainer, who is passionate about the local creative industry, says “Fiji music and arts needs to thrive locally, and it starts with locals treating our artists with respect and supporting them instead of asking for freebies.”

Of the Festival he says, “It’s Fiji’s opportunity to shine, and many Fijians thrive everywhere else in the world except here at home, and it starts with a change in mindset—from the local industry.”

Tickets for 2Tings will be available at the gate. Follow 2Tings on Instagram for more details.

Venue : Vodafone Arena, Sub Hall B
Date :  Saturday, March 4th
Time :  9:00 pm till late
Price :  $20

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