Fiji Fringe Festival: Natalie Raikadroka

Natalie Raikadroka

By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti

“My act is focused more on those who enjoy listening to good, soulful, and groovy music.” – Natalie Raikadroka

Natalie Raikadroka’s songs are sung by people of all ages across Fiji, and she is a favourite entertainer when it comes to national athletic events like Coca-Cola games.

The songstress has been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, but just recently became a recording artist, debuting her album, When I Sing, in April last year.

She plans to perform numbers from that 10-track album at the Fiji Fringe Festival.

Raikadroka says while her music is not “everyone’s cup of tea”, she hopes that those who have listened to her songs turn out in large numbers to watch her perform live at the festival.

“I feel this industry has grown by expanding its sound and improving the quality of content and product,” she says.

“This is the perfect time to showcase Fiji to the rest of the world, Just look at VT1S [also part of the Fringe Festival]. I’m so proud of their progress and achievements,” she said.

“As a recording artist, I appreciate the love and support coming from those who enjoy my music, I look forward to putting together a great performance for all of you, and I hope my show and the diversity it will bring to the festival is worth your money,” she said.

Grab tickets to Natalie’s performance by contacting 8079894 or emailing nr*********@gm***.com

Venue: Vodafone Arena, Sub Hall B
Date: Thursday, March 2nd
Ticket fee: $22.00

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