Fiji Fringe Festival: Magician Jordan Rooks’ 3 MAGIC WISHES

By Prerna Priyanka

Jordan Rooks returns to the Fiji Fringe Festival this year with a new show, an all-new family-friendly Aladdin parody magic show, 3 MAGIC WISHES.

Rooks has been practicing magic since the age of 13, after a chance encounter with a magician at a restaurant. He has since found his passion for magic and quickly developed his unique style.

“I saw a magician performing close-up magic at a restaurant, and he wouldn’t teach me how he did his trick, so I went home and created my own version. The next day, I went back and fooled him with my trick. That’s when I knew I was a magician,” he recalls.

He has now performed in over 10 different countries. “Magic is a universal language,” he explains. “People have different views of magic. Even though I am performing illusions, sleight of hand, psychology, and physical endurance, I try to blur the line of reality and illusion.”

Balancing his love for magic with academic pursuits, Rooks earned degrees in theatre, business, and psychology while paying his way through college with his magical talents.

His academic background has contributed significantly to his success, offering insights into human behaviour and business acumen.

Having worked alongside legendary entertainers like David Copperfield, Rooks gleaned invaluable lessons. “Once you know what your purpose is in life and why you do what you do, then you become unstoppable.

“Surrounding yourself with people of the vision you want really helps bring you to the level of success you want to be.”

Promising high energy and abundant audience participation in his Fiji Fringe Festival shows, Rooks teased, “Expect the unexpected. You will be taken through the cave of wonders where dreams can come true. You will see some Aladdin references and songs, you may even see a monkey!”

Rooks also performs virtually, saying it creates new opportunities to connect with his audience.

“Virtual shows are much like television magic. Close-up magic can be more personal than big stage illusions,” he shared. Emphasizing inclusivity, he added, “I focused really hard to find magic throughout my career that can be used for the seeing and audio impaired.”

He aims to bring this inclusivity to the Fiji Fringe Festival.

“Most fringe festivals are catered to adult-only shows. I wanted to bring more families into the fringes so that future generations will be able to grow into the fringe community and become family,” he explained.

For aspiring magicians, Rooks offers empowering advice: “Be brave and learn as much as you can. Find a mentor, and believe you can achieve anything you dream of. Never stop creating and sharing your magic with the world.”

Jordan Rooks is set to perform on 19 March, 2024 at the Fiji Fringe Festival.

Tickets are available at

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