Taufa Vakatale

Meraia Taufa Vakatale: anti-nuclear activist and feminist trailblazer

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By Asenaca Uluiviti and Sadhana Sen Fiji recently lost Dr Meraia Taufa Vakatale, a monumental woman leader who broke many glass ceilings with her numerous firsts. As an educationalist, diplomat and politician, she profoundly impacted the lives of tens of thousands in Fiji and the region, particularly young women in politics and anti-nuclear activists. Dr […]

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Virisila Buadromo

Kitchen table politics

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Supporting the world’s human rights activists from Suva By Samantha Magick At the height of Fiji’s Covid-19 wave last year, one Fijian woman was working from her kitchen table in Suva to help arrange the evacuation of women activists from Afghanistan. Virisila Buadromo is the co-lead at Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific, a feminist […]

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