Paddling through ancient farmlands in Mexico

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By Samantha Magick On the canals of Xochimilco, Mexico, it can feel like the most picturesque things are the most damaging. For example, the vibrantly painted trajineras party boats? They’re polluting the delicate waterlands, say local scientists. The green channels that have you padding through what appears to be a landmass? That’s lenteja de agua (water […]

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Japan Market

In the market for hope

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By Samantha Magick It’s a cool Sunday morning, as Mr Ishigawa carefully tends five scallops in their shells over a small brazier at the Yuriage Port morning market in northern Japan. The Sendai City man, his wife Miki and six-year-old son are visiting the market for the first time. “It’s really bustling, there are many […]

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