Moana Loa: Bringing wonderland and fantasy to the Fiji Fringe Festival

Moana Loa

By Prerna Priyanka

In a blend of creativity and performance, Moana Loa is set to mesmerise audiences at the upcoming Fiji Fringe Festival with a whimsical performance inspired by a childhood favourite.

Choreographer Maleina Molia says: “The audience can expect Moana Loa to bring a fun performance to the Fringe Festival with a themed storyline inspired by Alice in Wonderland. A variety of forms of art are to be expected, showcasing all that we do at Moana Loa.”

Molia said they wanted to create a performance that transcends age boundaries.

“After our Disney recital in June 2023, we closed with the Alice in Wonderland section, which everyone loved,” she said.

“The message here is finding yourself and being okay with being peculiar in the society we live in.”

Moana Loa’s diverse offerings in arts and fitness play a pivotal role in shaping the choreography.

“The whole piece has a storyline that we will follow, and along the way, through each choreography, the various art forms will be woven into the story and be showcased in various sections.”

The seamless integration of aerial arts, dance, and music is a hallmark of Moana Loa performances.

“During our recital in June 2023, one of our dancers sang ‘We Know the Way’ from Disney’s Moana while we danced a contemporary Pacific piece, and an aerial student performed her solo aerial piece on the silk,” she said.

Collaboration among instructors from different disciplines is a smooth process at Moana Loa, where diversity is embraced.

Molia emphasised, “It’s just a matter of understanding, proper communication, and weaving in what is needed from the different disciplines without losing the significance or concept of pieces for the performance.”

Improvisation plays an important role too, allowing dancers to infuse their own creativity into the work.

“With improvisation, there is no right or wrong, and it gives dancers the opportunity to put their own flavours into the choreography, showing their personalities through their movements,” she said.

Molia described the key to resonating with diverse audiences as, “keeping the performance entertaining, having a storyline that the audience can follow clearly while showing the various forms of art that we do. I also believe audience interaction and having a performance that touches the audience would definitely do the trick.”

Moana Loa’s upcoming performance at the Fiji Fringe Festival promises to be a magical journey through Wonderland, showcasing the versatility and creativity of this renowned performing arts consultancy and school.

Moana Loa will perform on 21 March 2024 at the Fiji Fringe Festival.

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