Singh’s hard work pays off

Jack's of Fiji

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way” is one of the things Gyan Singh has learnt after almost 30 years in retail.

Singh is a Sales Executive Officer with Jack’s of Fiji in Nadi. 

The most fulfilling part of his job, he says, is meeting people from various continents and learning their languages. He has even been featured on Chinese television. 

“One of my Chinese customers saw my picture on TV in China,” he chuckled. “He took a screenshot and emailed it to me. Customers will always remember the experience you gave while serving them.” 

In 2017, Singh was recognised as Jack’s Best Salesperson.

He says to be successful in retail, you need to have passion for your work and be ready to learn new things daily, so that you can be of service to international customers whose cultures, traditions and languages are different.

“The company has provided me with the opportunity to learn different languages which is useful when dealing with tourists who have a language barrier. And now I can say that I am well-versed in six languages,” he said. 

“I believe we all follow different paths, and mine is to serve customers and provide the best experience possible while shopping at Jack’s.”

Singh’s initial goal was to be a teacher. “After failing to gain admission to Lautoka Teachers College in 1995, I joined Jack’s in Nadi,” he shared.

“Back then, no application was required. I simply approached the manager at the time, Pillay, and asked if there was any available work. He told me to wear comfortable formal clothes and to keep in mind that I would also be working at the bulk store.

What seemed like a setback was actually a blessing. 

“Jack’s is like any other school, and it delivers more than simply a certificate. This experience taught me that having a degree on paper isn’t the only requirement for any sort of job,” says Singh. 

“The journey was not easy, it was full of struggle, sacrifice, challenges and commitment, but it gave me a rewarding experience,” he added.

“Determination and hard work always pay off.  I take my job very seriously, not letting anything overtake my work commitments. Family life and social life are important, but one needs to give priority to work. 

“Being a single parent for the past 12 years and working shifts over the weekends did not make me weak but stronger in managing my personal life and work life.”

In his leisure time, the Babasiga gentleman loves spending time with his family and in his garden.

This article first appeared in Fiji Traveller, January 2023.

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    very impressing statement.

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