Skillz FJ brings island vibes to the Fiji Fringe Festival

Skillz Fj

By Prerna Priyanka

As anticipation for the Fiji Fringe Festival builds, one name stands out among the performers—Skillz Fj, the Sunshine Coast based musician, and a proud advocate for his unique heritage.

Since migrating to Australia in 2020, Samuela Konusi Taukave (aka Skillz Fj) has seen his musical career, powered by his vibrant personality and culturally infused performances, continue to grow.

Skillz Fj’s musical journey is nothing short of inspiring, with his roots deeply embedded in the picturesque island of Rotuma in Fiji.

Ahead of his Fiji Fringe Festival performance, he tells Fiji Traveller: “Rotuma in all its beauty and culture has always been one of my biggest inspirations in all of my works. We were lucky to have been taught the language and traditions at a very young age, both my brother and I are truly thankful to our parents for instilling that in us.”

Skillz Fj incorporates Rotuman language and traditions into his performances in Queensland, fostering a sense of connection and unity among diverse audiences.

His hit song “Soup Tavioka” was born out of a casual evening with cousins, capturing the essence of island life in a captivating melody.

“I also get a lot of inspirations from major festivals and climate change events worldwide, meaning I’ll write a song the week or day before to perform at the event,” he explains.

His Fiji Fringe show will feature original poetry, traditional dance, songs addressing climate change, and, of course, songs in Rotuman.

Known for his larger-than-life personality on and off the stage, Skillz Fj connects with his audience by embracing the universal language of music.

“Knowing how to sing songs from 86 different countries has played a key part in that connection,” he states.

His performances aim to make a positive impact, inspiring audiences to become better individuals.

Reflecting on his move to Australia in 2020, Skillz Fj acknowledges the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

However, he turned adversity into opportunity, starting a business and joining a business networking group that enriched his skills and funded the creation of new material.

He sees the Fiji Fringe Festival as a unique platform for independent artists to showcase their craft to home audiences: “[I’m] feeling very excited and grateful at the same time. It’s just been an amazing journey, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Since his last visit to Fiji, Skillz Fj set himself a personal challenge—to write one song a week in 2022. This commitment reflects his dedication to continuous growth and creativity.

As a proud advocate of his unique heritage, Skillz Fj hopes to convey a simple yet powerful message through his music: “To learn the language and keep it alive.”

He encourages others to have an open mind and be inspired to share their culture with the world.

Looking ahead, Skillz Fj wants to continue creating, producing, composing, and traveling.

His goal is to share and inspire while thriving in the diverse and dynamic world of music.

As he takes the stage at the Fiji Fringe Festival, Skillz Fj invites audiences to join him on a musical journey that celebrates heritage, diversity, and the universal language of music.

Skillz Fj is set to perform on 19 March 2024 at the Fiji Fringe Festival.

Tickets are available at

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