Oceanic Refractions: A transcendent dive into Pacific realities

Oceanic Refractions

By Prerna Priyanka

In a captivating intersection of art, environmental awareness, and cultural storytelling, Mere Nailatikau and Amer Kanngieser are set to launch their groundbreaking exhibition, “Oceanic Refractions.”

The exhibition, which originated from a serendipitous encounter in Suva five years ago, promises a unique sensory experience that delves into the Pacific’s environmental challenges through the lens of indigenous voices.

The concept of “Oceanic Refractions” was conceived during a collaborative audio storytelling workshop at the University of the South Pacific.

Mere, with a background in communications for aid and development programs, and Amer, a sound artist and researcher, shared a passion for exploring untold stories from the Pacific region through the medium of audio.

“I’ve always been interested in audio storytelling. I had worked in radio before and had really kind of loved listening to audio stories, whether through podcasts or other mediums and was really looking at exploring that as a space for being able to tell stories,” Nailatikau reflected.

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