Knox’s Deeper Sounds, Deeper Connections

Musician Knox

By Rowena Singh

Deeper Sounds, Deeper Connections is a Pacific-Australian project which shares the unique music of the Pacific with the world. Working with groups of musicians across the region, it captures traditional instruments, melodies, songs and voices, and distils them into sample packs for DJs, producers, film makers, music makers and Australian music schools. 

Fiji’s Inoke ‘Knox’ Kalounisiga was one of the first Pacific artists on the Deeper Sounds, Deeper Connections project. 

Kalounisiga says that it’s a great feeling accomplishing something meaningful, something that will be used for educational purposes, and something that others will be able to use for their musical growth, enhancement and bonding with like-minded people.

He worked with other Fijians: Christopher Mallam, Apakuki Nalawa, Zen Waqavonovono plus Australia’s DJ SLUMBERJACK to create enriching projects throughout the Pacific. To be present at the launch at Parliament House in Sydney was humbling, Kalounisiga says.

The Deeper Sounds, Deeper Connections project was born during COVID and supported by the ICDP (International Centre for Democratic Partnerships). Fiji was the pilot, and the musicians were brought together by Kenneth Katafono.

 “We collaborated with him [SLUMBERJACK] in creating short snippets of tribal tracks that we composed, that he could then share on platforms that other DJs worldwide could use in their remixes.

“That brings our work onto a global platform, and also at the same time, opens up more opportunities down the road for further collaborations.”

Kalounisiga says that anyone can access the track—including producers, DJs and music schools. 

“We are also looking at distributing them in music schools here in Australia so that they can learn more about Pacific Island music, influences and some of the unique cultural sounds,” says Kalounisiga. The recordings were all done in Fiji.

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