TUINZ, Fiji’s dynamic duo ready to dazzle at the Fiji Fringe Festival


By Prerna Priyanka

In the vibrant world of urban and open-style hip-hop dance, TUINZ stands out as a dynamic duo, making waves in Fiji and beyond. 

Comprising twins Adriel and Akuila Tuivaga, TUINZ promises an unforgettable showcase of talent, creativity, and a tribute to a dear friend at the upcoming Fiji Fringe Festival.

With a humble beginning at the age of 21, the twins have captivated audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the Fijian dance scene.

Reflecting on their journey, Adriel mentioned the pivotal role of their mentor, Vivian, who recognised their potential and steered them into the world of dance. 

“He saw so much potential in us at the time, and we haven’t stopped dancing since 2016,” Adriel shared.

As the Fiji Fringe Festival approaches, TUINZ is preparing for a performance that goes beyond mere entertainment. 

The duo has dedicated their upcoming show to a dear friend, a missing person, as a heartfelt tribute. 

Adriel expressed, “We want to give tribute to this person, to say one last hurrah before we say goodbye.”

Having earned accolades for their innovative performances at last year’s festival, TUINZ is set to bring a unique blend of urban and open-style hip-hop dance to the stage once again. 

Adriel emphasises the emotional depth and purpose behind their choreography when talking about this year’s show.

TUINZ, with its distinctive urban style, seamlessly blends various dance forms, including contemporary and hip-hop, driven by a commitment to musicality. 

“Urban style is open to all forms of dance, and we implement elements based on musicality, breaking free from the restrictions found in other dance genres,” Adriel explained.

Being twins brings a unique dynamic that contributes to TUINZ’s success, he said. 

While Adriel focuses on the business and administrative aspects of the team, Akuila takes the creative reins.

Their talent has taken them around the world, meeting renowned dance companies, and performing on grand stages. 

Notably, TUINZ had the opportunity to meet the Royal Family Dance Company in New Zealand and participate in Hip-Hop Internationals.

Adriel’s advice to young dancers is to remain disciplined and maintain a relentless drive to pursue one’s passion. 

He encouraged young artists to stay true to their dreams, despite societal expectations, and highlighted the importance of enjoying the journey.

TUINZ will be busy this year, they also feature in the upcoming production of “Mamma Mia!” in February. 

TUINZ perform at the Fiji Fringe Festival on March 21.

Tickets are available at

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