Fiji, where happiness comes naturally

Fiji Tourism

By Sera Tikotikovatu-Sefeti

Tourism Fiji is welcoming 2023 with a new brand platform, ‘Where happiness comes naturally’.

Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Viliame Gavoka, says, “It makes me immensely proud to share what makes us special with the world.”

“The pandemic was hard on Fiji, but to see the spirit of our nation—the warmth, joy, and natural hospitality—shine through in our new brand just reinforces what a special nation we are,” he said.

This rebranding comes after a recent study into sustainable travel revealed that 66%  of travellers want to have authentic experiences representative of the local culture.

Tourism Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer, Brent Hill, said, “For over a decade, our tourism brand platform, “Where Happiness Finds You’ has attracted people from all over the world.”

Reflecting on recent years, he said, “The resilience, resourcefulness, entrepreneurialism, and a strong sense of community are what got Fiji through when our tourist numbers were decimated.”

The number of tourists entering the country has since steadily increased, reaching 102.5%  of pre-pandemic numbers in December 2022.

Hill said, “With short booking windows becoming normal, and travellers increasingly booking trips 0–21 days from travel, we wanted to roll out ‘Where happiness comes naturally’ to capture the demand, and welcome even more visitors back to Fiji in 2023.”

“We are showing them a side of the country that they may not have experienced; we are a small island nation with a lot of happiness to offer, and this new brand platform showcases the rich and diverse cultures and traditions that exist within Fiji at their most authentic,” he said.

In an effort to maintain that authenticity, the rebranding comes with a new logo that fuses modern and bold typography with the traditional Fijian art form of masi. The design is a collaboration between Tourism Fiji’s global agency, Host/Havas, and third generation masi artist, Wati Maraiwai Talavatu.

Talavatu commented, “Being given the opportunity to create a new logo that celebrates our heritage and showcases our traditions to the world has been an incredible experience.”

“I’m proud to be a part of this new campaign that honours the rich and diverse cultures and traditions that exist within Fiji,” she adds.

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