Ulumate Project: Sacredness of Human Hair – Workshop

The Ulumate Project is a revival-research- art project by Na Tolu – a multidisciplinary collective of Pacific artists  based in Aotearoa NZ in 2013.  

Na Tolu consists of Joana Monolagi from Serua, Ba; Daren Kamali – (Levuka/ Wallis and Futuna) and Fa’aoleole  Maiava (Aoteraoa/Samoa). 

In 2021 – after two centuries a contemporary ulu cavu wig was made in NZ.  

Ulumate Project – Fiji-Aotearoa will feature six Fijian based international artists: Irami Buli, Josua Toganivalu, Waqa Nuidreketi, Atueta Rabuka, Mere Rasue and Lambert Ho  

They will be at the National Art Gallery of Fiji that will be open for public viewing while the artists are at work.

Date: April 26-30, 2024

Location: National Art Gallery- Fiji, Suva

Time: 10am-3pm

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