Rarama Film Feature

Watch 60 minutes of homegrown Fijian Film-making as part of the Rarama Art Festival 2022, with the aim to get anyone interested in film – whether it be writing, acting, cinematography and camera work, directing, editing, or producing – together in the same place to talk FIJI MOVIES!

Friday October 7, 2022 (5pm) – Fijian Animated Movies, including Soli Bula: an alternate reality Fiji where tradition and culture was never eroded by colonialism.

Saturday October 8, 2022 (5pm) – Fijian Low Budget, No Budget Film-making

Thursday October 13, 2022 (5pm) – Meet The Professionals

Venue: Oceania Performing Space, USP Laucala Campus, Suva

Rarama Art Festival
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