Surprises onboard the Caledonian Sky

By Prerna Priyanka

Captain Cook Cruises has announced the expansion of its luxury expedition offerings, introducing remote Fiji for travellers seeking authentic cultural experiences and activities.

Alison Haworth West, Executive Chair for Captain Cook Cruises, is enthusiastic about the new schedules: “We’re trying to offer something uniquely Fijian, authentic, and very much of Fiji, by Fiji.”

Their Caledonian Sky vessel, which had its inaugural Fiji cruise last November after serving far north Australia, is a 57-suite luxury cruiser.

Haworth West revealed a typical day onboard the Caledonian Sky, which includes ocean swims, snorkelling, village visits, and cultural lectures. Captain Cook Cruises also has visiting scientist and citizen scientist programs.

One highlight of the expanded offerings is the opportunity to surf in remote Fijian locations.

“It’s a unique opportunity for surf enthusiasts to ride the waves in pristine, untouched locations like never before,” Haworth West enthuses.

The expansion comes as part of Captain Cook Cruises’ broader efforts to position Fiji as a premier choice for luxury expedition cruising. 

Onboard and authentic shore experiences

“Our ship is a haven of luxury, with beautifully appointed suites, gourmet dining options, and enriching activities led by our team of Fijian experts,” Haworth West says.

“Our crew members, who range from marine biologists to cultural guides, are committed to offering guests unforgettable experiences.”

Haworth West says they will carefully curate the cruise to highlight the diversity of Fiji’s landscapes and cultures, including visits to remote islands that tourists rarely visit, including Kioa, Kadavu and Lau.

She emphasises the significance of preserving the cultural integrity of these communities.

“We have established deep relationships with the local villages over the years, ensuring that our visits contribute positively to their way of life without causing any disturbance.”

With expanded offerings, Captain Cook Cruises aims to attract a diverse range of travellers, including adventure seekers, culture enthusiasts and luxury travellers.

The Caledonian Sky will also make trips to Samoa and Tonga, to follow the whale migration.

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