Rip Curl’s innovative lens on surf culture

Rip Curl x Tourism Fiji

Rip Curl has launched the world’s first virtual surfing competition in partnership with Tourism Fiji.

During the 10-day competition period, Rip Curl GPS users who logged a session had their data analysed and scored by a unique algorithm based on five criteria: distance paddled, surf time, total waves surfed, top speed, longest waves, and number of surfs. 

This resulted in a final score and a personalised surf data video. The most thrilling aspect is that the winner and their four companions, who have yet to be revealed, will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Fiji. 

The cutting-edge Rip Curl Virtual Pro, presented in partnership with Tourism Fiji, allows surfers worldwide to plan, capture, and revisit their surfing experiences (either privately or with friends) on their smartphones. 

Tourism Fiji Head of Global Marketing, Srishti Narayan said, “We’re really thrilled to bring the second part of our brand partnership with Rip Curl to life and align with a brand bringing an innovative lens to surf culture. The virtual pro is a truly unique competition, and we can’t wait to share Fiji’s legendary surf with the winners later this year”. 

James Taylor, Head of Brand and Marketing at Rip Curl said, “Aligned with our vision of being ‘the ultimate surf company, the development and launch of our GPS Watch technology was a pinnacle moment for Rip Curl and the launch of The Rip Curl Virtual Pro is another display of leadership in a rapidly changing surfing landscape.”

The next round of the competition will be open to the public, offering nonprofessional surfers the chance to compare skills with amateurs and pros from all around the globe. As well as track their progression and share their surfs in visually beautiful and digital first way.

The competition comes after a notable increase in surfing participation globally, with the International Surfing Association reporting the number of surfers worldwide has increased by 25% over the past decade, with more than 35 million people now enjoying the sport. 

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